Frequently Asked Questions


How to Place Ad on

Placing a classified on couldn't be easier!

Login to your existing account or register for a new account

Select the category you'd like your ad to be shown in

Select the type of ad you'd like to create

Type your ad content

Preview your ad and make any changes

All done - your ad is live!


How to buy on

There are several ways to buy or sign up for an item or service being offered on depending on the individual sellers preferences.

When you browse through the categories and find something you're interested in, there are several possible things that you can do depending on what is being offered and the sellers preferences for that particular ad:

1.Contact the seller for more information

2.Contact the seller to negotiate a price

3.Visit the advertisers website via their web link for more information or to buy

One thing to remember is that provides a classified advertising service which works in a similar way to a traditional newspaper advertising section, where the adverts themselves are placed by individual advertisers who are offering an item, product or service and the buying/selling process is handled directly between buyer and seller.


Can I edit my ad after I've placed it?

Yes you can. If you login to your account and click 'edit' next to your ad details, you can make your changes at any time and all changes will be reflected on your  ad instantly.


How much does it cost to post an ad?

Nothing. Posting an ad on is FREE for all.


How many ads can I post to

There is no limit to the number of ads you can post to


How long will my ad be online for?

Provided that your ad does not breach our Terms of Use, it will be online for 60 days from the date of posting.


How do I post an ad?

If you are new, Click on 'Register" and once you register, Click on “Submit Ad” and follow the step-by-step instructions provided. You will be required to provide a category, location for your ad. Your ad should be online immediately.


Can I include photos in an ad?

Yes. While Posting your Ad, one of the step is to add photo. Find the photos that you wish to upload on your computer and click continue.If you don't have Photo, Don't worry, you can still post your Ad.


How do I edit an ad?

Login to you account. Cick 'My Account" , Click "Browse Your Listings"  - you will see your Ads. In the Action Column, Click Edit button. Once you Edited, You can make changes.You can edit an ad as many times as you wish.


How do I delete an Ad?

Login to you account. Cick 'My Account" , Click "Browse Your Listings"  - you will see your Ads. In the Action Column, Click Delete button.


Why was my ad deleted?

There are 4 possible reasons:

1.Your ad expired.

2.Your ad breached our Terms of Use.

3.Your ad was flagged by a sufficient number of people.

4.You deleted the ad yourself.


I have posted my ad in the wrong category. How can I correct this?

You cannot change the category. You will need to delete the existing ad and post a new ad in the correct category.


I can't log in to my account. Why?

You may have entered the wrong username or password. If you don't remember password, click "Forgot Your Password?"  and enter your email Id. You will receve an email with a link to reset or change password.


How long does it take for my ad to be online?

Your Ad will appear immediately.


How can I make sure that my ad always appears at the top of the list?

You cannot. We try to ensure that the probability of an ad appearing at the top of the list is the same for each advertiser.


How do I flag an inappropriate ad?

There is a link "Report Offensive Ad " for each Ad. Click on the link, then Report the reason and click Submit. Admin will take the necessary action.If the ad receives a sufficient number of flags, it will be deleted as appropriate.


What items are Prohibited for Sale & Services?

Ads for illegal jobs or business opportunities.

All illegal (under any applicable law) services or goods including products which encourage or facilitate their delivery or production.

Any form of identity documents, personal financial records or personal data, including mailing lists.

Badges and uniforms belonging to the police or any other security forces.

Blood, bodily fluids and body parts.

Burglary tools e.g. lock picks.

Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins and equipment used to make them.

Counterfeit goods.

Fireworks and other destructive devices and explosives.

Gambling items such as lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries or slot machines.

Government and transit uniforms, IDs and licenses.

Hazardous materials.

Drugs and drug related paraphernalia.

Images containing frontal nudity.

Materials and items that infringe copyright.

Non-prescription drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims or treatment claims that require the approval of the relevant authorities.

Obscene material and any kind of pornography.

Prescription drugs and devices.

Restricted or regulated plants and insects, such as endangered plant species, or pests.

Stocks, shares and other securities.

Stolen property.

Weapons and related items including firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, BB and pellet guns, tear gas, stun guns and switchblade knives.